3D Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Our team utilizes a three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software, which our team utilizes to increase our productivity in building design through construction. The process produces building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities and properties of facility components. generating and managing building data during its life cycle.
  • Perspective views and renderings in minutes versus days
  • Massing and 3-D site studies, walk through and fly by views
  • Effective and improved owner interaction during Design
  • Enhanced, economical solutions using actual specified building components
  • Cost reduction during construction by resolving clashes during design and reducing field changes
  • Overall increased communication early in the project
  • Increases productivity in building design and construction
  • Designing with Revit Architecture provides visuals and accuracy while increasing sustainability
  • Structural and MEP collaboration during design reduces field rework, saves time and reduces cost
  During Plan Reviews we will submit drawings at several completion stages and provide your team with the model for a 3-D review, a walk through and rendered perspectives. Throughout the process, we maintain line of communication with you and your staff, making final decisions fun and visual, not a burden of responsibility.