GFS 2nd Indoor Farm

2nd Farm at GFS HQ | Wyoming, Michigan
Wyoming, MI

The second urban two-story indoor farm is also located at the Gordon Food Service headquarters in Wyoming. The farm’s locally grown harvest of herbs and greens include basil, arugula and radish microgreens for consumers to purchase on e-commerce platforms, restaurants and grocery stores across the Great Lakes region.

Construction on the indoor farm began in December and the first seeds were planted in March. The farm is cloud-connected and is managed by Square Roots’ farmers and in-house software.

The farm’s proprietary OS, otherwise known as The Square Roots Farmer Toolbelt, provides day-to-day guidance to farmers while capturing millions of data points throughout growing cycles. The data can then be analyzed to determine how changes in certain environmental parameters impact factors like yield, taste and texture.

In addition to the technology that drives its operation, there also are cold storage, biosecurity, climate-controlled packaging space and distributor loading docks, among other things in the farm that ensures food safety.

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    Dan Vos Construction Company


  • “COVID-19 exposed major weaknesses in the industrial food supply chain and accelerated the already fast-growing local farming movement,” said Kimbal Musk, co-founder and executive chair of Square Roots. “Square Roots can now deploy commercial-scale, controlled-climate farms, fast, in locations across America to meet demand for local food, all year-round. My wider mission is to bring responsibly grown, local food to everyone in America.”