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Historical Renovation Downtown Greenville MI
Greenville, MI
The historical exterior renovation of the 1887 building, known as the Slawson Building, brought new life to this cornerstone in Greenville, Michigan. All details such as finials, leaded glass, awnings, windows and doors were re-fabricated to their vibrant glory. The original street front lanterns were restored and reinstalled with an upgrade from gas to electric lighting. The brick exterior was carefully cleaned and painted. Deteriorating masonry, brick and wood were replaced and repaired where needed to protect the building for years to come. Slate roof tiles were installed to coordinate with the aesthetics of the building. The building tower electrical system was re-wired for safety and brought to life by two LED clocks creating a sense of a town square.


  • Ron Burrows

  • Eckhoff & DeVries Painting

    Eckhoff & DeVries Painting

  • Dan Vos Construction Co.

    Dan Vos Construction Co.

  • John DeBlaay