King Milling McQueen Building

Historic Office Renovation
Lowell, MI

The King Milling’s corporate office is a renovation project focused on restoring an important cornerstone of the town of Lowell, MI. Originally built in the late 1860’s the E.D. McQueen building first boarded horses and later stored cars for people traveling onward by train. 

The owners of the McQueen building believe in the importance of preserving the history of Lowell for the next generation and intend the McQueen building to be a point of pride for the community. King Milling’s redesigned corporate headquarters found a new home in Lowell’s historic E.D. McQueen building. 

Paying attention to elements from days long ago and seeing their future potential is one of the attributes of our design build team.The Exterior North and West Facades will are restored to the original look of the building with windows, brick, and north entry doors as a part of a historic grant received by King Milling. 


11,000.0 SQ FT
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