Manufacturers Supply Co.

Hudsonville, Michigan

The entire facility utilizes insulated pre-cast walls which offer a secure and asthetically pleasing look.  The pre-cast walls reduce energy consumption as well as heating and cooling costs.

Indoor loading docks have been designed for both the shipping and receiving areas.  This assists in lowering energy consumption and costs while allowing the delivery vehicles to be stored inside.

The new facility features a 32′ 6″ clear height distribution and manufacturing area.  This facilitates the use of narrow aisle high bay storage systems.  Aisle spacing will be 68″ with ten storage levels.  This compares to the current 10′ (120″) aisle spacing with five storage levels now in place at their current location.

The offices feature spacious areas with 11′ – 12′ ceiling heights to facilitate a productive and collaborative work place, with an open air environment.  With this open environment, a sound masking system (white noise elimination) ensures a quiet and worker-friendly atomosphere.

Winner of the 2009 ABC Award for Excellence in Retail Construction

122,000.0 SQ FT
DistributionIndustrial | Manufacturing


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