Request Foods Greenly St Facility

Holland, Michigan
This fast-track project is Request Food’s new 200,000 sq ft. food processing and production facility. Winner of 2012 ABC Excellence in Construction $10 million, the facility addresses a full spectrum of food processing needs, including warehousing, production and packaging: -5° and -20° storage freezers cooled with a state of the art ammonia refrigeration system Precast concrete construction including walls, leger beams, columns and double tee roof structure Refrigerated “drive through” shipping and receiving docks, including snow melt in drive approach Quick freeze nitrogen tunnel Henkel® tile floor system Food safe stainless steel insulated metal panel walls Dedicated raw ingredient receiving area Full employee exercise and fitness facility Class A finishes throughout the office area, test kitchen, employee cafeteria, locker room, and fitness center Fully integrated card access entry and time keeping system
250,000 SQ FT
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