Zeeland Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Clinic Redesign and Renovation
Zeeland, MI

The Zeeland Veterinary Hospital needed space to accommodate the clinic’s growing client base and new veterinary staff as well as a re-designed space that would improve workflow for the clinic’s operations. The clinic owner initially began to look at a new site and building option and after comparing the costs, pros and cons of a location change decided to renovate the existing clinic. In order to do this, our team adjusted a temporary building to fit the needs of the clinic and helped the staff through a transition of operating out of a temporary location.

The tight project site presented a challenge in working on both the main renovation and the site work.  Time was of the essence and without the option to do it consecutively, our team made the best use of interior and exterior space. Landscaping was successfully completed before winter.  Additional parking spaces were created after demolishing a neighboring garage.

Spaces within the newly renovated hospital offer a spacious waiting room with animal separation, climate-controlled pet wards, and consultation rooms. The pharmacy now has a dedicated space for dispensing medications and a number of pre-procedure and recovery tasks can be coordinated in the centrally located main work hub. The doctors’ offices are set up in a collaborative layout and employees can enjoy a lounge with a full kitchen.

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  • Dan Vos Construction Co.

    Dan Vos Construction Co.


  • “We did extra work to help them through a transition and to make the staff feel that they are not on their own. We know that building transitions can be hard. We adjusted the temporary building to work well for the staff during the six months of renovation. We directed clients who stopped by the temporary location down the street. We were impressed with the success of the clinic and pleased that their business was actually increasing as the renovation proceeded. The best part of the entire project was that the owner and staff made us feel like part of the family.”

    Monty Trader, Project Superintendent

  • “We have used Dan Vos Construction now for a couple of major building projects, most recently with a major remodel of our Zeeland clinic. To say they have been outstanding would be an understatement. The project finished slightly ahead of schedule and under budget. They are very good at managing the communication with the owner and all of the sub-contractors. The design team was attentive to our needs and responsive with their creative, insightful and strategic thinking. The transformation on this renovation was astounding. At the outset we could not have envisioned coming up with as functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution as they did. We could not be happier with the outcome. Dan Vos is our go-to contractor for any building projects we may have in the future.“

    Dr. Deron Nelson DVM