‘Sought After’ What to Consider when Hiring a Steel Crew

Sought After. A unique strength as a general contractor is having its own steel crew and equipment. Comprised of 13 team members the movie title ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ comes to mind. Although this crew doesn’t break into safes, they are a very skilled professionals who erect steel and precast concrete on most of our construction projects. Very often other steel companies like Steel Systems or Midwest Steel will hire the Dan Vos Steel crew for their projects. If our guys are available, they are referred to by area steel companies and competitors as “Highly Sought After.” 

3 Steel Foremen

2 Crane Operators

7 Welders & Connectors

8 Steel Crew Alumni (Trained and Experienced employees in the capacity of steel and concrete)

30 Ton Boom Truck Crane with licensed operator

55 Ton RT Crane Rough Terrain Terex Crane with licensed operator

Depth of Team. When considering hiring a steel team, it is critical to look at their overall team expertise and how long they have worked in their craft as well as their firm. Also important are the team’s relationships with other trade and construction firms in the community. Steel professionals from competing firms will at times help each other out, especially on non-profit projects by lending a long lead piece of equipment that is not typically used to keep the project moving forward.

Almost Every Project today, will need either concrete or steel erection and even renovation projects need welding and reinforcement of existing structures. Most existing plants today were not originally built for what they are producing today. And if they are producing the same products we can assume expect that the type of equipment, tanks, roof weight and air handling needs have changed. It goes without saying that an experienced crew is critical to most of the work our company performs. While some projects require as little as half a day of steel work, others require months at a time. Our team was entirely committed to large scale projects like FairLife and South Christian High School.

Reinforcement was added with tons of new steel at Continental Dairy to reinforce the roof. Adding equipment like roof-top units and new process equipment that hangs inside the plant are upgrades that require added load bearing of the roof structure. Our team adds joists, columns, and beams to make these upgrades possible. Our clients at times need to completely raise the roof to fit new tanks or overhead cranes into their older existing plants.

New is Fun. Easier and fun work is brand new construction, where our team doesn’t have to come up against existing building and structural problems. But our best projects come from most challenging facilities. The two biggest challenges our team must overcome are winter conditions and steel product that occasionally arrives built to incorrect size or fit. You’d never know it by talking to them, but those issues test the steel team’s problem solving against their project schedules. Confident and optimistic, the steel team already has it solved and are moving on to the next challenge.

We have the people and equipment to help you get your job done! Call our Steel Department for details about your project (616) 437-4980.