Carrie Beyer


What I like about Dan Vos Construction: I love the flexible schedule I can have, very fortunate to be able to work part time and feel valued at work.  And the great people I get to work with at DVCC.

Favorite quote: “Creative accountants go to jail” as told to me by a good colleague

The Key to Success: Waking up every day knowing that it’s a fresh new day and never giving up (don’t let up)

My inspiration: Those people who can overcome adversity and still
thrive.  Couples who are happily married after 50 years and truly enjoy
each others company

When I’m not working: I enjoy playing volleyball, softball, running, camping  and watching my kids play sports.

Song that’s always on my play list: Anything by Kenny Chesney or Bon Jov!!!

I could never live without: my (google) calendar with kids schedules and activities to keep track of.

My signature dish: Creamy potato soup and/or Chicken bow tie pasta

Something most people don’t know: In high school I qualified for the state track meet in HIGH and low hurdles

I smile: Watching little kids play outside without a care in the world, enjoying life