Meg Mathis


What I Like at Dan Vos Construction
The great culture we have here makes me proud of our company and excited about my work. Our people are a pleasure to work with, easy to learn from, and have a sense of humor.

My Work
I enjoy a wide variety in my work; especially business proposals and presentations for new projects, awards, promoting community events, advertising, managing our website, social media, and public relations.

I’m Inspired By
My dad moved our family to the United States in the early ’80s.  At the age of 40, he took a big risk to leave our home in Gdansk, Poland. He was an electrician from the age of 18 working on shipyard cranes and later managed manufacturing of prefabricated elements for high-rise construction. In the United States, he became an electronics and robotics technician. He always finds positives, but when something’s not right, he just says, “We must change this.” He loves the United States for the principles that it was founded upon and for its people and the environment to be successful.

What’s the first thing people notice.
I’m tall and my accent… I am 98% Polish.

The best piece of advice/favorite quote

“Quo Vadis” title of a favorite book of mine which means “Where are you going?” It reminds me to keep my feet on the ground and keep my eyes on the big picture.

Things I could not live without
Freedom, Family, Faith, and two new ones: Health and Time 🙂