The Lord’s work must go on and practically the same group that built the first two rooms were at it again. On April 17, 1953 eighteen men showed up to put in the footings and this dozen and a half men were responsible for nearly all of the work. A total of thirty men helped on these two rooms. From April 17 to July 31 we had thirty four work sessions including in this there were five all day Saturdays of which three were ten hour days, and some of the men were present thirty three of the thirty four work days. Such loyalty is not soon forgotten.

To help finance the school project, wheat crops were planted and the proceeds of the crops were donated to the school. The volunteers planted and harvested the crop for about 3 years.

Mr. Gerritt DeGood, the well loved “SE” (Sanitary Engineer) and bus driver delivered the children to their homes. It’s our personal prayer that as our school constituency continues to grow that some of the same love, loyalty, devotion and sacrifice that has been so evident in the founders of the Ada Christian school society may continue in the hearts of the teachers, parents, and pupils for many generations.