2010 COTY Winner Values Award

A man’s character is his most priceless possession.” – Daniel R. Vos, Founder of Dan Vos Construction Company (DVCC)

It is because of character that DVCC is able to say that it’s been fortunate to hold the title of Contractor of the Year (COTY). Honored by the American Subcontractors Association of West Michigan (ASAM), the COTY award was created in order to give ASAM membership an opportunity to nominate and recognize general contractors or construction managers who exhibit best practices, professionalism and collaboration with Michigan’s subcontracting community. In being named by the ASAM, DVCC notes that the COTY award was given by those who work the closest with the company and often know it best: its subcontractors.

“We can’t be successful without our subcontractors,” said Dan Vos, Executive Vice President of DVCC. “Winning this award is an honest demonstration of how highly we place our relationship with our subcontractors; they’re a crucial piece of not only every project, but of our company.”

This COTY award was based on the qualities and practices that DVCC holds to be the most important: bid ethics and practice, safety, jobsite supervision, communication, schedule coordination, project relations, lien processes, administrative procedures, payment terms and quality workmanship. It wasn’t based on square footage, LEED building, or the number of projects awarded throughout the year; it was based on the details that DVCC emphasizes every day. The behind-the-scenes, day-to-day details that make all the difference.

“It was an honor to be nominated with the other nine nominees of last year’s award ceremony and this year is no different,” said Vos. “We’ve been incredibly humbled by this experience; this award demonstrates the true values of our company and employees, which are DVCC’s foundation,” he continued. “They were set in place by my grandfather when he founded the company in 1951, reinforced by my father throughout his career, and they will forever remain our focus throughout the years to come.”

DVCC has not only been honored, but exceptionally proud of being named 2010’s Contractor of the Year. The company has been able to utilize this title, placing the COTY logo in various advertising campaigns, the company’s Web site and even on job sites, displayed prominently on DVCC hard hats.

“This is something that we’re proud of,” beamed Vos, “for our company, for the subcontracting community and for the construction industry as a whole. We want as many people in the region to recognize the meaning of this award and everything it stands for.”