The Home Office was one of our largest, signature projects to date with a forward-looking vision.The Gordon Food Service “Home Office”, located at 1300 Gezon Parkway in Wyoming, Michigan broke ground in September 2011. The design, construction, and operation of the building were driven by eco-friendly strategies set forth in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system. The 384,000-square-foot building was completed in September 2012 and serves as the company headquarters and primary workplace for over 1,200 employees.

“The Gordon Food Service Home Office emulates the balance between human performance, comfort, and sustainability. Efficient design that promotes a healthy working and living environment benefits everyone—our customers, our employees, and our community,” said Jim Gordon, CEO of Gordon Food Service.

The design and construction partners included Integrated Architecture and Dan Vos Construction Company. It was an honor to work with a company like Gordon Food Service, who is committed to the environment as well as its people, keeping both in mind throughout the entire process. Facilitating the project’s every detail from green roofing, geothermal heating, light harvesting, and all of its efficiency, has helped to build great teamwork between our staff, Integrated Architecture and Gordon Food Service.