Defining the Design-Build Delivery Method

By Project Delivery, I mean a comprehensive process including planning, design and construction required to execute and complete a building facility or other type of project. Design-Build is sole-source responsibility.

Design-Build is where one entity, the design-builder, enters a single contract with the owner to provide both design and construction services.

If there is more than one contract, it is not design-build.

Dan Vos Construction Company is equipped with experienced in-house architects, engineers, designers, and estimators to work in tandem with our construction team to ensure every phase of a project is streamlined.

Design-Build allows us to make owner-requested changes on the fly, eliminating the time-consuming process of submitting bulletins and pricing exercises. We can be more flexible and take more liberties during the construction phase that would not be possible in the traditional Design-Bid-Build method. Design-Build allows fast-tracking projects where design and construction can overlap and speed up the project schedule, which saves clients’ money.

As much as Design-Build is defined by a sole-source contract for design and construction services, it is also defined by the attitude of everyone involved in the project. In successful Design-Build projects, everyone makes the mental shift to think and act as a single entity. At Dan Vos this comes naturally since it’s designed in the very makeup of our company.

Design-Build is a highly collaborative, fully integrated process that is built on trust, mutual respect, teamwork, innovation and creative problem-solving. Design-Build unleashes the power of team to deliver projects faster, better and for optimum cost. It’s the best value for the money, time and effort invested. Owners find that when it’s done right, their level of engagement with the entire team is more meaningful than is experienced with other delivery methods.

01 When the same group that designs the project also builds the project, much more attention is given to pricing and scheduling in the design phase. The costs of all aspects of the project are taken into account early on in the process: all fees, construction costs, utilities, etc.

02 Designers are not estimators.

03 Having an idea on construction cost and schedule early on gives the owners more clarity, flexibility, and control of the project as well.

04 Continuity: the chance of items being overlooked is diminished greatly.

05 Expertise: There is a tremendous advantage to working with architects who can think like builders and vice versa.

06 Time Savings: Anything the team can do to avoid taking steps backward is going to lead to better, faster, and more cost-effective results. The Design-Build system is highly adaptive and responsive in the field. Big decisions can be revisited during construction without change orders or additional fees.