Merchandise Equipment

Warehouse and Office Addition
Grand Rapids, Michigan
The owner contracted Dan Vos Construction and W. L. Perry Architects for an expansion of existing warehouse to meet the needs of their growing business. The project included both warehouse and office additions and upgrades. The client also has additional office space for better administrative efficiencies and updated telephone and data systems for more speed and better communications.
12,000.0 SQ FT
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  • Dan Vos Construction Co.

    Dan Vos Construction Co.

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    Steel Systems Inc


  • “When my family firm needed an addition the Project Superintendent from Dan Vos Construction left a lasting impression of commitment, integrity and trust. Five years later, my business was growing again and needed another expansion. I could think of only one man for the job. While expanding our building with over $1 million of inventory, visitors coming through daily and shipping activity in progress with 15 truck daily, were all critical for our company’s continued operation. Our Superintendent understood our growing business and managed the project and all activity flawlessly. If a trade contractor was starting to lag behind, they would find out how to make it work for them and for us, leaving no stone unturned, they handled every issue. They saw the big picture of what I was trying to accomplish.”

    Doug Lipinski, Owner Emeritus, Merchandise Equipment