Small Projects

Specialized. Custom Built.

Our Service Department prides itself in the board range of projects that they are able to perform for our clients.  They are responsible for handling small projects up to approximately $300K.  It is our goal to satisfy the needs of our many unique customers and their client-specific project requests.  Examples of these projects include the following:

  • Door Repairs
  • Office Renovations
  • Reroofing Projects
  • Energy Renovations
  • Television Sets and Anchor Desks
  • Dealership Compliance Updates
  • Franchise Build-outs and Renovations
  • Carpentry and Cabinetry
  • Custom Reception Desks and Boardroom Tables
  • Foundation Repairs
  • Building Maintenance
  • Building Inspections
  • Equipment Access and Fall Protection Systems
  • Problem Solving of Building Issues
  • Exterior Building Façade Updates
  • Steeples and Bell Towers
  • Emergency Repairs


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